Why do I teach? Where do I get my passion for teaching?

When I was a student, I love listening to good teachers and lecturers who delivers well. A few of them did a good job in teaching and explains extremely well. While the rest read notes most of the time and deliver what could be read from a text book. That frustrates me, as a student who enjoys listening to lectures and learns mostly through ‘listening’. It turns out to be, I perform well in subjects that are taught by teachers/lecturers who delivers their courses well. That makes me realize the importance of teaching well.

But, what happen to those subjects that are taught by not so good teachers/lecturers? It shouldn’t be the reason for failing, just because the teacher/lecturer did not deliver well (although that could be the reason … haha) to survive, I teach myself those subjects, create good notes, create good diagrams, for myself to understand the subject well. It turns out to be, everyone in the class having my notes!!!! And, people starts coming to me, as if I am the lecturer of that subject. Apparently, to my surprise, I enjoyed it!

I worked as an executive upon graduation in one of the big fortune company, yet it doesn’t excite me at all. Secretly, I applied for a job as an academician. I wanted to teach. My friends, family members and ex-lecturers also believe in me, that this career would suits me well. So, that’s how the story begins.

So, if you ask me now, do I regret leaving the big pay, glamorous place and nice blazers behind? The truth is, I am glad I made that decision at that juncture (when I was still young, once upon a time).

Noreen Izza Arshad